A Lotus For Miss Quon

American businessman, Steve Jaffe, is on an assignment in the turbulent and exotic city of Saigon. He rents a villa - previously owned by Mai Chang, mistress of former dictator, General Nguyen Van Tho. While putting up a picture poster, Jaffe knocks down a big hole in the wall and comes across a large cache of diamonds, apparently the late General's getaway stake. Haum, Jaffe's houseboy, is convinced that the diamonds belong to the State. But Steve reckons that finding's keeping and silences Haum - whose neck proves to be rather brittle. From then onwards, Jaffe is on the run, with local warlords and the police after him. In desperation, Jaffe turns to Nhan Lee Quon for assistance, which she provides with her life, not because she wanted part of the loot but because she genuinely loved Jaffe.......



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