We'll Share A Double Funeral

Chet Logan, known as the Axe Killer, escapes from custody, while being escorted to gaol. Disguised as a police officer, he meets up with Perry Weston, a rich and successful movie writer, and persuades him to drive to Weston's remote fishing lodge, to use the telephone. Once there, Weston soon realizes that Logan is a dangerous man. But somewhat to his surprise, Logan agrees to talk about his life, and how he came to murder six people. The local police become suspicious and put a watch on the lodge. Then Weston's beautiful but sluttish wife, Sheila,  lands up at the lodge, unannounced and uninvited. She had been repenting her wayward ways and had been thinking of a fresh start with Perry.  But the sight of Logan makes her feel erotic and forget her good intentions. Only Logan is a man of his word....... He has promised not to touch Sheila, if Weston provides him with the getaway money...



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