Come Easy - Go Easy

Fed up with their penury, Chet Carson and his partner, Roy Tracey,  technicians in Lawrence Safes Corporation, decide to break in a millionaire's safe,  but run into trouble as the safe's owner gets murdered during the robbery. Roy manages to escape, but Chet is imprisoned and sent to the notorious Farnworth  high security prison. Using his knowledge of opening locks, Carson manages to escape, and lands himself a job with an ageing Swede, Jensen, who owns a petrol pump in an isolated place.  Jensen also has a sultry wife, Lola, who is an ex-prostitute, and a safe filled with his life's savings - a  lethal combination. It does not take long for Lola to seduce and then persuade Chet to open the safe, who refuses. However, Roy suddenly appears on the scene and violence erupts. 



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