Knock, Knock! Who Is There?

Johnny Bianda, who has implicit faith in his St. Christopher's medal,  is the most trusted man of mafia boss, Joe Massino.  Bianda handles close to $ 100,000/= as extortion money,  every week, with his boss's full confidence. But Bianda has a dream... to own a fishing boat  and escape from it all, to the coast of Florida. He  cooks up a foolproof plan, high jacks  $ 186,000 and makes off, but soon has the mafia on his tail. It was just a matter of time that the organisation found him. He manages to shack up with a couple on a boat, but the mafia finds him there too.  His St. Christopher's medal lost, he decides that a disguise may give him a year or so... eventually there had to be a knock on his door; only the knock comes sooner than he had thought....



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