Cynster Novels

The first six Cynster books deal with the stories of the six cousins known to the ton as the Bar Cynster. Subsequent books deal with other members of the Cynster family, extended family, and close friends.

The contrast of gracious and elegant manners forming a wafer-thin facade over strong and dominant male emotions such as possessiveness and protectiveness is a constant throughout all the Cynster books. The affinity of such warrior males for strong willed women and the ability of their chosen ladies to exact complete and unswerving commitment to themselves, to marriage, and to family, forms the central tenet of the series.

Prequel: The Promise In A Kiss (prequel)
Book 01: Devil's Bride (Devil/Sylvester's story)
Book 02: A Rake's Vow (Vane/Spencer's story)
Book 03: Scandal's Bride (Scandal/Richard's story)
Book 04: A Rogue's Proposal (Demon/Harry's story)
Book 05: A Secret Love (Gabriel/Rupert's story)
Book 06: All About Love (Lucifer/Alaisdair's story)
Book 07: All About Passion (Chillingworth's story)
Book 08: On A Wild Night (Amanda's story)
Book 09: On A Wicked Dawn (Amelia's story)
Book 10: The Perfect Lover (Simon's story)
Book 11: The Ideal Bride (Michael's story)
Book 12: The Truth About Love (Gerrard's story)
Book 13: What Price Love (Dillon's story)
Book 14: The Taste of Innocence (Charles' story)
Book 15: Temptation and Surrender (Jonas' story)

All the Cynster novels are 'Regency-Era Historicals', or Historicals set in the Regency.



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